Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lent -

Okay, thanks to a great post from Danette -- I, too, have decided that I will 'give up' blogging for Lent. It does take away from my evenings quite a bit. This way I can try and focus more on family, chores [not fun, but needed...it'll be sacrificial] and most importantly - prayer.

I'd really like this Lent to be more intimate. Simple, yet meaningful. I have big plans in my heart. I hope I don't fumble.

I'll take some pictures of the "Lenten Mercy Cross" and post them on the previous post as an update. But then that should be it until Easter Sunday or Easter Monday!

Since I won't be blogging here are some things in advance:

Happy Birthday to my Dad!! [7777 -- heeheehee -- inside joke, not to do with his age :O) ]

Our Beautiful Joseph will be a whopping 3 yo on the 22nd of February
And - our gorgeous daughter, Dani, will be 12yo on March 13th - Happy Birthday Dani Girl!!

There are 2 more on Easter Sunday this year: My sister's birthday and Paul's mom's birthday. So Happy Birthday to both of you as well! [only my sister will get her birthday wish here - goes back to that whole 'no family reading the blog business' LOL]
Tonight is Mom's Night Out for our homeschool group, so we'll be going out - and pigging out ::haha:: - for Mardi Gras.
So...I suppose I'll see you in 40ish days!
Have a very holy Lenten season and Happy Easter in advance!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Lenten Cross -

Well, I just finished making our Lenten cross. I got the idea from Kimberlee last Lent and knew I'd be starting this tradition this year. [I'll post pictures tomorrow]

I made the cross out of halves of brown construction paper glued together. I made my own flower template and cut out about 40-50 flowers. I can cut more out later this week. And hopefully they'll be needed, right?

I printed out the verse from Matt 25:40 and glued that at the bottom of the cross. I printed up the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy on 2 separate sheets of paper with examples of each act. So, for example, under "clothe the naked" I have examples of clothing younger siblings or helping with laundry.

So I have big intentions for Lent. I'd like it to be more intimate and simple. Really forming new habits.

I like what Mother Angelica says about Lenten promises. Something to the effect of: Coffee and chocolate are not your problem. It may be a problem for your mid-section but not for your soul. HaHa! She is so darn sweet and funny and SO darn right! I love her and miss her dearly. Anyway...I remember her saying that the point of Lent is to form new habits...new virtues. Have a better character. Be a better Catholic.

Food for thought.

What are some of your Lenten traditions and what are you giving up for Lent?


A little exchange between 2yo Joseph and I - as I was cooking dinner:

J: You making dinner?
Me: Yeah, I guess you can call it that. It's grub.
J: Oh...[pause]...Is it gross?
Me: Uuuu...It could be. Let's hope not ::smile::

Bloggers and Beyond...Unite in Prayer

Please pray for this young lady, Melissa. She is in urgent need of prayer. If you read this please take a moment and read about her here.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Confessions of a Cheetah

Therese made her First Reconciliation today...
...then she came home and kicked her little brother in the head ::big sigh::

Friday, February 1, 2008

Life - a Precious Gift

If you head over to Laura's you'll see her latest post which takes you to her "Papa's blog". This is what Papa had posted concerning a little tidbit from Fr. Corapi.

First of all, if you don't LOVE Fr. Corapi you need your head examined! Second of all, I did not know of the information which was shared. Very telling of the sanctity of life, don't you think?

Terri Shiavo was on my mind last night as I drifted off to sleep...just thinking of last moments people have had on this earth [Therese Fox was definitely there too - among my thoughts and prayers]. Thinking of what was done to her [Terri ] really made me cry as I thought of her last days - and the helplessness everyone...mostly her family...felt. I thought of Fr. Pavone being there. Witnessing the horror.

Let us remember the Sanctity of Life on Super Tuesday and Election Day. This is the issue. In my mind there is no other issue more important. I have no problem stating that I am a ONE ISSUE VOTER! Some think that people are idiots for doing so...even so-called Catholics. Well, I'm banking on good points from God for being an idiot then. Life is our greatest gift from the Greatest Giver. Let's help to protect it - from the womb to the tomb. Someone in Heaven may thank you for it one day.

May the souls of the faithfully departed, by the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Doth My Ears Deceive Me?

This is what I just overheard Therese [7yo] say while playing Webkinz on the computer:

"You go girl."