Thursday, November 3, 2011

All Hallows Eve - 2011

This year's cast of characters:
(minus Dani - she went with friends and I forgot to snap a photo of her before she left :(  She was the Hobbit, Sam - a very tall Sam! )

Joseph as Prince Caspian
Charlie as A Racecar Driver
John Paul as Inspector Gadget
Sophia as Princess Leia

Therese as Perry the Platypus as "Agent P" 
(apparently there's a difference btwn Perry and Agent P)

Happy Halloween from our characters to yours!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cancer Help

If you know of someone who has cancer or "had" cancer - or if you'd like to PREVENT cancer, take a look at Dr. Andrew Saul speaking on cancer.  He was one of several experts interviewed for the film "Food Matters" (available instantly on netflix or you can watch it online for $5).

Go here to watch what was edited from the film.  [scroll down to where it says "Andrew Saul on Cancer"]  I believe they said that they had 40 hrs of footage which they had to condense to 80 minutes for the film. 

This week I've begun juicing.  And I know many people who are - I don't think it's a fad either.  I believe people are very informed and the veil between the public and the food industry is being lifted.  

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lolek's Storytellers Presents: "The Princess Bride"

If you remember from a post in the beginning of June,  Dani has been working on The Princess Bride to perform for charity(s). She found the script online and created a screenplay from it (tweaking as needed), directed it and starred as Inigo Montoya. The performance was this past weekend - July 22nd and 23rd - with three showings. Total amount of donations raised... $1700; an increase of over $700  from last year's Puss in Boots.

Dani, as this project is her vision, was requested to come up with a name for our group.  We really wanted to involve John Paul II since he was once an amateur theater actor and a prolific writer of poetry and drama for the theatre - and most especially since he was beatified this spring.  And then the name "Lolek" came to me; it's nice and obscure.  Lolek was Karol Wojtyla's childhood nickname.  Dani came up - after many ideas - with "storytellers".  She loves how JPII is our patron for a children's drama group.  We have a website in the works as well. 

There were so many fantastic kids who auditioned for the play that Dani had to write in some parts!  We had a dad (father to the grandson; who the story was read to), three thieves (from the Thieves Forest), and a messenger "Myra" who informed Buttercup of Westley being captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts.

And words can't emphasize enough how amazing this performance was - people were really blown away.  When it's available (after editing) I'll post some video.

These head shots below were in our programs of the main characters and were done a week before performance.  Here Inigo's hair isn't curly and he doesn't have his scars.  All the kids' performances were fantastic and we were told time after time how the casting was perfect!

Dani as Inigo Montoya...

Therese as ... not Buttercup.... rather the Albino :)  

Rehearsals at the (old) rectory....

The Building of the Stage

Assembling the stage and wings at the parish hall...

Drilling and securing the casters

Finishing Touches...

First Rehearsals in the Parish Hall on the New Stage...

Offer me anything I ask for...

You can see here how black fabric was stapled to the front of the stage (and steps later on).  Black tabbed curtains were on sale at Lowes for under $6 ea.  I love frugal finds like that!
Candid Shots of our Tech Week 
You can see the tribute to Lolek (John Paul II) in a poster in the boy's room.

A meeting of the minds!

A little down time
Westley takin' it easy

A little thumb war with Fezzik

Inigo caught wielding a broom instead of his sword

One of our thieves... and our "secret entrance" (tree)  to the Pit of Despair
 Backstage youngsters kept quiet on sleeping bags and quiet games/books/DSs....

Scenes during the performances (in no particular order) 
Taken by a talented photographer - father of some actors

Cast and Crew
The Princess Bride