Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Can Relate ~

The procrastinator in me so loves this. Should I?
H/T: P.M.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Finding Framers

Took a gazillion some pictures of the boys on Sunday - with the hopes of filling up the frames which Paul made for their room.  It was the perfect day.  A bit brisk and a bit windy [which you'll see in John Paul's pictures].

Here is just a small sampling...
~ Charlie ~

~ Joseph ~

~ John Paul ~
Don't believe it.  He's really NOT this serious.


he's cracking up with my dad here...

Love this one!

great, but too blurry

I'm so loving both of these
~ The Brothers ~

Charlie spaced out...

photo shoot about to end...

"...give me back my ball, Joseph!"

~ Joseph with Hannah ~

Paul and I are so very blessed by these boys. 
All unique.  All loving.  All beautiful.  And all God's gifts to us!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

School Activities Last Week

This past Wednesday our homeschool group had a Pre-School Activity Swap [I plan to post more on that soon]. So Thursday morning kept some little hands occupied - in a good non-destructive way :)

This activity had 2 bags of pony beads. Some beads are solid and some were transparent [?]. There are different colored pipe cleaners which, of course, the child is to put the correct colored bead to match the color of the pipe cleaner. There were some more advanced ones as well - all on white pipe cleaners - that had patterns to follow.

I was pleased how well Charlie did on his own...

...and then after just a few moments, they became what else but...

There was another bag of activities which had the clothes pins
on the cup for those fine motor skills...

Wikki sticks on laminated cards. I thought this was cool a) because they actually stuck on the cards - I suppose mostly because they were laminated - and b) because Joseph really enjoyed doing this and did a fine job as well :)

The old pompom on a spoon in the cup routine...

Charlie did a really good job at this. Not sure if I should be all that surprised,
but I kind of am ::shrug::
He started getting a bit nutty and would start to do it so quickly that he'd just put it on
the spoon and grab it with his other hand and put it in - ha! He
just wanted to get those in there fast, fast, fast!

The Number Fishing Game

This is the one I contributed to the swap and Joseph had fun.
They are numbered 1-10, have a paperclip attached and the pole
has a magnet. Sophia was running this show but I got her started
showing her how to spread the fish out [and you'll notice how they had
to be in the water! LOL] and tell him which numbered fish to catch.
He really liked this and got the hang of manuvering the pole/magnet.
I may try to weigh down the bottom of the string above the magnet -
as it swung back and forth a bit as he tried to catch a fish.

Sophia coloring the Annunciation

coloring page found here

Continuing the Manners Alphabet...
Compassion: making those who are suffering feel better
Do your Duty: and do it cheerfully :) that's the tricky part!

Kimberlee has posted the next few letters - graciously drawn
by her dear daughter. Thank you to both!

Kayla the Koala

You can find and draw your own koala here.

And finally, after a very blustery, drab week,
a bit of silliness...

...John Paul had just cracked himself up here...

not too silly, simply sweet!

Blessings to you and yours!

Love how blogger now has an Extra Large size for pictures! Yay, Blogger!