Monday, February 23, 2009

You Know You're a Loser When...

You only have 4 Followers and then one drops out!
I'm totally cracking up!! :o)

Tender Moments

Joseph was in a good mood on his birthday yesterdayJohn Paul is a little cuddlebug! And just too cute not to post....

I totally LOVE my boys!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Birthday Boy!!


our rambunctious little boy
our energenic boy
our car-lovin' boy
our gun-slingin' boy
our sword-wielding boy
our chocolate addicted boy
our sweet lovey boy
all the things that make a boy are wrapped up in a little you!


Crocus and Ice Cream

I'm not the only one ready for spring....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Up Up Up

"Hi! I'm Charlie. But you probably already knew that. I'm the cute one of the bunch. Dani is going to let me fly her kite. See?"

Oh, how I'm wishing it was last week. Those days when it hit 70 degrees settles it for me - I'm ready for spring.

It's All So Clear Now

Last month there was a request through the blogosphere to contact a hospital in WI to tell them NOT to perform 2nd trimester abortions. So I contacted them with a small request. I just received this this morning:

Thank you for your feedback.

Because we believe it’s important for those on all sides of this issue to have accurate information, we are attaching a fact sheet regarding the Madison Surgery Center plan. We hope it will clarify the facts and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you.

So then I opened up the email attachment - entitled FactSheet:

Pregnancy termination services at Madison Surgery Center
Fact Sheet

*the red italics are my thoughts

*The decision to terminate a pregnancy is an intensely personal one, permitted by the laws of Wisconsin and the United States government. -- there's that 'personal decision' line again ~

*The debate over whether second-trimester terminations are right or wrong is a societal discussion. The joint partners in Madison Surgery Center believe it is their responsibility to provide a full continuum of care in all medical areas – including the full range of legal services associated with women’s health, family planning and reproductive health care. -- reproductive health care? That sounds so... caring ~

*This is not a new service for the Madison area, nor are increases in the number of second trimester terminations anticipated -- then why offer them???! ~. What has changed is the location. These procedures have been available in Madison for many years by Dr. Dennis Christensen, who retired in December. The decision to continue offering these procedures at Madison Surgery Center assures continuity of access to this service in a patient-oriented environment.

*No state funding will be used to compensate physicians for performing second trimester terminations. Payment is solely through private, third-party coverage or self-pay -- $$$$ ~. The malpractice insurance of those physicians is through private, third-party coverage only, not via public funding.

*Second trimester terminations account for approximately 10 percent of all pregnancy terminations. Approximately 120-130 have been performed annually in Madison -- wow, let's all cheer!! ~.

*No physicians, residents, students or staff will be required to participate in any aspect of this procedure if it is against their personal beliefs -- well, for NOW~. Participation is strictly voluntary. -- that's what you say. What about the baby? Is he volunteering his life? ~

*There is no research of any sort associated with these procedures. Tissue from the procedures will be collected and disposed of in the same manner as tissues from other surgical procedures performed at Madison Surgery Center -- tissue? It's a baby. Even young children understand this - the most innocent of us all ~

*There is no financial incentive for the MSC to perform second trimester terminations -- HA! ~. These procedures are offered to ensure that the Madison-area community has safe access to a legal medical procedure -- 'medical' insinuates that someone is going to be helped... not killed~.

*Any patient requesting second trimester pregnancy termination health services must offer full consent, agree to a 24-hour waiting period, and will receive counseling services that offer alternatives to the procedure. -- oh, what a nice compassionate thing to do ~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning...

Do you ever clean your computer screen? You know how filthy it can get. Pretty soon... you can't even see things on your screen anymore. Well, okay. I know you've cleaned your screen - on the outside. But have you ever considered cleaning the inside? No? You should :o)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, Regan dear seems to think that I've got some sort of writer's block. She's right. I'd like to call it post block though.

So what better thing to talk about than the kids!

The 3 girls are starting softball this weekend. They've all been playing since they were 4yo. -
Dani is soon-to-be 13, Therese is 8.5, and Sophia is 7. We always play Therese and Fia on the same team. Make life as easy as possible! They are all really excited. The younger two are really looking forward to playing on the same team with their friend whom they mostly see at Little Flowers meetings.

Kayla is narrowing her college choices. She's also rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing for the school's spring musical: Sweeney Todd. Her favorite class this semester is Morality in the Media - the teacher is a wonderful holy priest, who used to be an atheist, I might add!

Dani is in the local playhouse's production of Tom Sawyer where she plays Amy Lawrence. There are 2 casts - the Kite Cast [regular cast] and the Steamboat cast [the homeschool cast]. This is her first play and she's loving it! They'll be performing on Wed.'s and Fri.'s in March - she's got 2 shows on her birthday which she thinks is pretty cool.

We also started a book study with 3 other families. We've only had one meeting thus far but the kids really enjoyed it. The 10+ are reading A Wrinkle in Time and the 5 - 9's are being read to by one of the moms who is using Catholic Mosaic.

We also started a girls club this past summer - Goretti Girls' Group. A mom and I were seeing a need that wasn't being met and just decided to 'get the girls together' for some simple girl time. Basically, game night! The first few meetings were here at my house - there were about 12-14 girls for each bi-weekly mtg! They had a blast! They were LOUD! Since then, the girls are really forming those bonds that we mothers were really praying for. But we're now trying to implement more activities and service projects for them.

They made Stations of the Cross boxes for the PSR classes at our parish - like the Jesse Tree... each girl signed up to make one station symbol for each box, which just happened to be 14.

They'll be donating some items for a baby shower. This baby shower is the second one of its kind. And what I mean by that is that these babies were saved at the abortion mill. One of my friends, a dear dear woman, was one of the 2 women God used that day. The girls will also be going to pray a rosary in front of the mill in a couple weeks.

We're also interested in integrating All Things Girl books into some of the meetings. When you go to the link the first 7 books are a part of this series. I believe that these were done by CHC. And they are based on JPII's writings about womanhood [I believe - don't quote me]. Some of the titles include: Friends, Boys and Getting Along -- Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... What is Beauty, After All? -- Mind Your Manners -- there's also a Leader Guide and a journal for your daughter/s. I believe we're going to begin with the Friends and Boys one. I'll let y'all know how that goes. It will hopefully lay some wonderful foundations!

....Busy? Yes!

Joseph will be turning 4 in a bit over a week! Crazy! I have to bribe him with: You're not going to be able to turn 4 if you don't... blah, blah, blah. He's eating right out of my hand with that! "Mommy, can you please put my shoes on??!!" [read that with just a bit of whininess] "Joseph, you know how to do that." "But I want YOU to do it!" "Well, you're not going to turn 4 if you can't put your shoes on." "Oh yeah." Where he then plopped down and put his shoes on!! Dani and I cracked up at the "Oh yeah." Cutie!

In other news, Charlie is counteracting his most adorableness with getting into EVERYTHING! Yes, he's growing up and following the pack! There are tantrums and No's thrown in there too. But he's still the baby. There's just something about the baby.

So there ya go. Just a little bit of an update. Like you really cared ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yes it's been 70 degrees for the past few days and my kids have spring fever big time. School is pretty much cut short due to - not only this gorgeous weather - but making some St. Valentine cards.

We know all too well that this is just a tease!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seven Seven on the Seventh!

UPDATE: An explanation: I must say that when my parents came over today and I told my dad how many people commented on his day... we all had quite a laugh! BECAUSE - I never explained the "7, 7 on the 7th". It's a family joke and now it's going to be shared in the blogosphere. My dad will be the first to boast that he was 7 lbs. 7 oz. on the 7th of February. "7 7 on the 7th" he'd always say. Always. And just to add to that - Mom and Dad were married on... guess what... the 7th [October].
So with some of the comments saying things like: "He looks great!" "We had a 7 on the 7th!" It dawned on me that y'all must've thought he was 77!! We had a great laugh! "Wow, you look great Dad!!" "You look at least 10 yrs younger!" So... Thanks for the laughs :o) This concludes the explanation.
Oh, and one more thing - the bottom picture was taken almost 1.5yrs ago. Wow and just to think that Charlie wasn't even a year old then - not even walking. Seems like SO long ago. Sheesh!
Happy Birthday Dad!!

May God bless you today ~ throughout the year ~ and always! Thank you for all you did for me and still do for our family. What a blessing you are!

[insert Amazing Grace on bagpipes here :o) ]

My dad would blast that song on the stereo on Saturday mornings while I would be sleeping. I don't think it inspired me the way he hoped it would. Actually he just wanted me to get my butt out of bed and thought this was a funny way to do just that! Ya gotta love that creativity ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009


That's what this story is. I honestly can't understand what people are thinking. This is horrific... beyond words.

...and his points are simple TRUTH. A little rough, but true.

h/t: Sara

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

They're Magically Delicious!

These lucky charms are a bit interesting.

Thanks to Megan who informed the homeschool group today.

~Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us and touch the heart of our president~

Which image of Our Lady do you suppose that is which is in his palm? Is it Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Good Counsel, or Our Lady of Mt. Carmel? Can't really decipher.