Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, with no more hamsters around, Therese was sure she wanted another panda bear hamster to replace her Oreo. She also let us know that Sophia would need a hamster too - because it wouldn't be fair if she was on her third hamster while Sophia has only owned one. Anyway, the girls were all set on choosing new hamsters on Saturday - that is, until I brought up the possibility of getting Guinea pigs. With minimal research, we set out Saturday afternoon in search of guinea pigs (aka cavies).

It was at the third petstore where we found more than one guinea pig - we just had to get two. Of course one for each daughter, but also because they do better with a companion. We got two females (they only sell females at the store we were at - plus the little research I did do said that you really want females vs. males. Males smell worse (ha ha!) and they're more active).

The girls picked out two babies who just happen to be sisters!

Aren't they adorable?

This is Therese's "Carmelite" (aka Augustina - "Gus Gus") I don't know if she's really decided on a definite name yet!

And here is Sophia's "Agnes"

Having never had guineas before, we're finding them to be quite awesome! They just LOVE to cuddle (with people and each other) and make purring noises when they're content - it sounds sort of like pigeons cooing- it's SO CUTE!!! They also squeal a bit - mostly in the middle of the night - which is very loud. Not sure if this is due to their nature (I believe it's only Carmelite making the noises) or if it's because they're babies. At any rate, it wakes me up for now. And that's saying something, as I am quite the sound sleeper :)

Carmelite is very friendly. She has more of a bunny-looking nose. While Agnes would rather stay in her cage (which they share) and hide. Not very social.

This is only our third day with them - so if you have any experience with guinea pigs can you share your thoughts about them?


Vicki said...

How cute!!!

Christine said...

We HAD pigs...they were cute when little. They were fun to have around. The only problem ....the POOP a lot. You will probably have to clean the cage every single day. Otherwise enjoy those little cutie-pies.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Oh, those are too cute!

The Wades said...

We've never had any. I was warned by our preschool teacher never to get one because they stink so bad. Something about glands and such. I hope you're finding that not to be true!

Really sweet pictures.