Thursday, April 1, 2010

It Started...

... last Tuesday evening.   A week and a half ago.

We were getting ready for the girls' softball game and Therese wasn't feeling 100%.  Come to think of it, she hadn't been feeling great starting early afternoon.  She came in from playing outside feeling really tired and worn out - and took a nap.

So, off we went - all of us - to their game.  We took Therese suited up in uniform thinking that if she felt better she could play.  On the way to the field Charlie was saying, "I need to go to the doctor."  Whatever.  I didn't pay much attention to that repeated phrase.  At the park we informed the coaches that Therese wasn't feeling well and that she most likely wouldn't be playing.  Just a minute later we knew she wouldn't be playing when she told me so pathetically that she had to lie down. 

We left Dani with Sophia so Paul could drive us back home and he would go back to the park.  Well, as soon as we got in the truck we heard Charlie say again, "I need to go to the doctor."  But this time he looked a little green.  Two seconds later... his dinner was all over the front of him.  Shouldn't have had refried beans with those tacos. John Paul and Therese were on either side of Charlie - all the while Charlie was tossing his cookies, John Paul was screaming frantically because he was so grossed out and didn't want Charlie to aim towards him!!  All I could do was crack up.  It was so comical. And there sat Therese... my queasy-not-feeling-well-at-all Therese - her window down, head out.  At first I thought she was losing it, but she was just trying to breathe good fresh air in - and laughing all the while because of the chaos John Paul was creating!  Luckily we're only 7-8 minutes away from the park! 

Paul had to take Charlie out of the truck with him still in his carseat.  It was that bad. 

It was a regular barf-o-rama.  Almost a repeat of Christmas/New Years.

It took approximately 5 days to get over.

Sunday... Palm Sunday.  Next up... Joseph.  He was totally out of commission.  Paul was out of town.  At first I thought we weren't even going to go to Mass.  But then I thought I'd just take the three middle kids and leave Dani with Charlie and Joseph.  So, off we went, Therese, Sophia, John Paul and I. 

During the second reading I looked down at John Paul. 

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"My tummy hurts," he replied.

Oh NO!!  I had to plan an escape.  I was envisioning, yet again, the scene in Stand By Me.  We weren't even on the end of the pew(!).  I would have to climb over people, leave the girls by themselves (no biggie) and weave through and climb over all the people in the (packed) narthex.

We made it to the bathroom.  And nothing.  Nothing happened.  But I knew we couldn't stay.  That wouldn't be prudent. 

We headed back to the pew to signal the girls that we were leaving (Me?  You want me too?  Should I come?)  With a not-so-discreet exodus during the long Passion gospel, we made our way back through the sardine-packed narthex and finally outside. Whew!! We made it! My dignity intact!! 

So here I sit. Holy Thursday. Joseph, the 5yo, is still laid out on the couch.  This is day 5 for him.  I'd just like my spazzy little fellow back!  Chicken soup made twice.  Not much being eaten.  Even by those who aren't sick anymore or haven't been yet - I think they've had enough of this junk and have lost their appetites.

Softball practices and games missed.  Baseball practice missed. It's been beautiful here this week (yesterday got to 77 degrees.  today should reach 83) - and the sick ones just want to play.  (as an aside: you definitely know when little boys are feeling better!!!  LOL)  I suppose we're in good company though - it's been hitting lots of families 'round here.

It's Holy Thursday.  No Holy Week activities.  No going anywhere. I'm not sure what this means for us for Easter Sunday! 

On another note, don't forget to begin your Divine Mercy novena tomorrow! 

I pray you all have a wonderful Easter filled with joy, love, life and good health!!!


Sara said...

Oh, how awful. You must be tired. And you know, there is NEVER a good time for it!

One of my biggest fears in the world is someone barfing at Mass. I hate it when someone has a tummyache, but doesn't seem sick otherwise. It makes me very nervous. :-D

I hope your Easter is better---good thing it's 50 days.

Regina said...

so not fun! hope you are all feeling better soon!

Christine said...

oh MAN! BIG (((HUGS))) for you!
Hope all gets better soon. Hang in there.

Megan said...

We feeling better yet? Hope you all had a nice Easter. Hopefully you'll have a barf free Memorial Day and 4th of July!