Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Flowers Tea Party ~ 2010

Last year was our first (small) tea party for our Little Flowers' Girls Club.   You may remember if you go down memory lane ;)

This year was equally as beautiful - if not moreso - but not so little.  Our group grew from nine girls to twenty-one.  I think we (core members) were a bit nervous to have such a large group after having a relatively small one, but wow!, what a blessing it was this year.  All those beautiful girls and moms!  We moms were so glad to be among such helpful, faithful, positive women!  I always enjoyed our the girls' meetings.

It was a stellar year to say the least. 

A Southern Tea

Tea Time
Some of my favorites

Game Time
The girls gave overviews of each virtue study in this wreath III.

Memory Game

Craft Time
Glittered-n-Gemmed picture magnets

Enjoying Friend Time

A Beautiful Time


Sara said...

Your LF group grew like our AHG group! It looks like fun!

+JMJ+ said...

Utterly breathtaking!!

Amy Caroline said...

How lovely!

Christine said...

That was really fun to see. What a blessing.

You took some great pics!

LOVE all the little girls.

Regan said...

i am in AWE of these pictures.
what a WONDERFUL tea time.
next time, please invite us.
we'll find a way to get there...