Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cup Station

With many kids, we go through tons of cups per day. So much so that the majority of the dishwasher was cups / glasses - even the bottom rack!  I first remember hearing some ideas toward this problem at a Smart Martha seminar, but more recently I went to a friend's home and she had this on her kitchen counter:

I loved this idea, and more importantly my friend said that it works out so well for them!

I will tell you that this system is working beautifully.  They're still getting used to it [one child in particular can't seem to rmbr], but mostly it's been great!

I came up with the template on Word - the kids got to choose their color and the type of font [b/c we all know it's all about the FONT!].  Well, Charlie had no choice on the font but he's not complaining ;)  I printed it on photo paper for more vivid colors and then laminated it.

It stays on the counter right below the cups and next to the fridge.  So from breakfast to dinner, that is the cup they use all day.  It's somewhat prolonging the dishwasher run-time.  And that works for me ;)


Sarah Faith said...

I don't get it. The cups are those colors? or you put the cup on your name? Or you put the label on the cup?
In my house the kids have broken all our glasses so we have 4 metal tumblers and they all share one at at a time. We only drink water so we just refill until everyone has drunk some :) lol

Kelly said...

What a great idea! We have the same problem here - I like this solution!

Vicki said...

I LOVE it! I'm gonna try that here too. Thanks for sharing.

Shelly said...

kid puts cup on his/her name

Shelly said...

i've also seen ideas where there are numbers on the counter and each kid has a number on their cup - or each kid has a designated color for cups.

Mum2eight said...

This is a great idea. Definitely going to make up a sheet during the school holidays.

Becky said...

What a great idea!

Kelly said...

Love this idea, Shelly!

I'm going to be making up a sheet for my crew right away!!

Thanks for sharing it with us and God bless!