Saturday, August 28, 2010


Don't get excited - I'm simply acknowledging that I am a slacker!


Mum2eight said...

aren't we all?

Regan said...

oh, good!
'cause i am too!
that's why we've always felt a connection...

Erika Rowland said...

Love this! You were probably just preparing your homeschool year, cleaning house, doing some awesome craft with the little ones, caring for one your chilren, listening to hubby tell you about his day, cooking or driving someone to the dr. Slacker :)

Shelly said...

LOL~ thanks y'all! You made me smile this morning!

nice to see that i still have "an audience" LOL although i'm not sure why !! Ha!

yes, this week is LOTS of hs planning. down to crunch time... again. hs's mantra: THIS IS GOING TO BE "THE" YEAR!!!! lol