Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prairie-Style Nightgowns

Are you looking for a different yet beautiful gift for your daughter?  Well, I found an idea for you and I'm willing to share it ;)

In the north Georgia mountains lives Erika, who is a member of our homeschool group [I don't believe I have every met her IRL but I sure would like to!] .  She approached the group offering her services to make pioneer-style nightgowns.

In Erika's own words:

I will make them with love and to the desire you have in mind for your daughters.  I find my time creating these nightgowns brings me closer to Our Blessed Mother.  I want you to find joy in them for years to come, so we will work together to make them special.

Isn't that beautiful?

She also mentions on her blog: 
I am not a professional seamstress, so any flaws are considered character and homemade charm :)

Here are the finished gowns which Erika made for my girls...

So beautiful!  

If you order the nightgown, I believe the nightcap/bonnet comes with (which you can see on this page).  I asked her to make the bloomers as well.  

You can contact Erika at   

My girls are super excited!  Especially Sophia :)  I'll post pictures here when I receive them!

Thanks and many blessings to you, Erika!

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