Monday, June 6, 2011

'Round here...Busy, Busy, Busy!

*our school year is winding down - only 2 more weeks to go.

*summer production of "The Princess Bride"..... underway - Last year (and I can't believe I never posted about it), Dani worked all year long on a script of "Puss in Boots" and wanted the homeschool group to perform it.  You have no idea how much I thought that would NOT happen ;)  But we jumped in and did it and it was a wonderful, wonderful experience - raising over $900 in donations which went to a local crisis pregnancy center and to CRS for Haiti.

This year Dani and I came up with a name for her group.  After going through many possibilities - and me really wanting a JPII reference - Dani came up with "Lolek's Storytellers"!  For those that may not know, Lolek was John Paul II's childhood nickname and he also was very much into acting in his youth.  He even wrote "The Jeweler's Shop" which was made into a movie - EWTN has shown this recently.

The Princess Bride is going to be so fun, and we're all very excited!

Here are some shots of last year's performance:

The cast and crew of Puss in Boots - 2010

Dani presenting Cindy, the director of The Hope Center, with the donated funds and a picture. Cindy also came to see the play and is looking forward to this year's production of The Princess Bride

*On Father's Day (of all days), Dani and I leave for L.A.!!  Well, Alhambra to be exact.  We're going to a Mother / Daughter retreat at the Carmelite convent where my sister is a novice - on the verge of a 2nd year novice.  The retreat is Monday - Thurs. and then we'll have a "family visit" from Thurs. - Sunday.  For the family visit, my parents and brother and his family will fly out on Thursday - so we'll all be together!!  WE ARE ALL SO VERY EXCITED!!  I can't imagine how ecstatic my sister must be!  I haven't seen her in almost 2 yrs. - whereas I used to see her several times a week.  It will be different, but beautiful!

*Softball.  Rec-ball came to an end in May.  Dani, Therese and Sophia all played (T & S on the same team).  We didn't put the boys in anything, though we did throw around the idea of putting all 3 of them in baseball or flag football.  I wasn't that excited to be pulled in any more directions.  Looking back though, I wish we would've put them in baseball.  It would've worked.  I think it's important that boys do *something* as a team sport.  Anyway, I digress...
When this season was coming to a close, I must admit I was going to miss watching Dani play.  She was the starting pitcher and has come such a long way since the fall (when she began taking lessons) - just so fun to watch!  Then an opportunity landed in our laps...
Paul was at a local sporting goods store and was talking with the owner.  Through their discussion, he told Paul how he is the coach for a travel ball team and that they were looking for a pitcher.  We were invited to a practice the following night to check out the team, while the head coach worked with Dani and checked her out :)
So now she's on the team - the Panthers - and is having the time of her life!  They've had two tournaments so far coming in 2nd place both times.  Our Saturdays are all-day softball tournaments and our week packed with practices, but it is so worth it - not only to watch Dani and the girls play (they are very good!), but to see Dani doing something with which she has a passion.
 Rec ball team at their team party - Blue Lightning.  Not a stellar season, but it was fun!

 Dani pitching for the Panthers

That's my girl!!
 Panthers on 3 - 1, 2, 3....

~Second Place~

And this is what little ones do at the end of a long day of softball....

So glad I have my Melaluca products to get her white uniform clean :)

*Trying to work out tennis lessons for Therese and Sophia.  A friend of mine offered to have them come to her house once a week so she can instruct them with her daughter and another friend.  These are some of my girls' best friends :)

*Therese takes horse-riding lessons and won a week of summer horse camp for raising the most money for charity.  That's at the end of this month.

 Way to go, Therese!  
Taking home 1 First Place and 2 Third Place ribbons from the horse show

 Bobbing for apples...
 ... much easier without the helmet ~

Next year we'll add Sophia too :)

*Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in some pool time ;)

*My garden re-seeded itself!  Yippee!!  I was procrastinating the planting of tomatoes, peppers and cukes, when Paul informed me that it looked as though there were tomato plants in the (box) garden.  I walked to the garden and lo and behold, most everything reseeded - with the exception of peppers, I think.  My basil is everywhere!!  What sorts of things grow in your garden?

*Birthday month is upon our household (plus Father's Day).  I don't know how I'm going to be able to make it all work with how busy we are - God's grace and Publix bakery, I suppose!

What is it with Blogger and posting videos?  Some post and some don't!   :(  Bummer.   


Anonymous said...

We missed last years play but hope to make it this time!

Sara said...

Keep us posted on the play---I'd love to bring my crew. We love the Princess Bride.