Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Days - 2011

We had our first White Christmas in Atlanta since the 1880's (or something like that) - and this is what it looked like Christmas night. It was so beautiful. It snowed the entire day!

Then last week we had a snowstorm that shut down the city for days.  The schools 'round here were out ALL WEEK! It started last Sunday night and Monday we had an official SNOW DAY!!  This doesn't happen very often here, so it's a huge treat for the kids...


...love the smile on his face the whole way down :)

Kids of all ages...



As the snow becomes iced-over, that's when the real danger hits here in the south.  There are still places with snow and ice.... but the city is back in full swing.

I loved the 'time off'.  We schooled that week (only taking Monday off), but we didn't have to (couldn't) go anywhere.  No activities at all.  That's rather nice :)  Plus being able to just do things around the house that seem to take a back seat to a busy life.  Staying on top of laundry... that's a huge thing 'round here! And that's why I love being snowed in.  Close together.  Just being.  Soaking up the kids!


Sara said...

Lovely pictures! I like to see Dad sledding! And that's a gorgeous header....we sort of missed seeing that over Christmas. ;-)

Shelly said...

the header was here, Sara - just not me ;)

Becky said...

I love these pic's! My favorite ones are of your oldest "kid", Paul! These are memories of Dad that your kids will never forget!