Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evening of Fine Arts

Here are some videos of the girls' performances on March 28th.  John Paul also performed - playing the piano and reciting his poem "The Owl and the Pussycat" - but I failed in taping his poem and the video of him playing piano won't upload (though the others do upload).  Darn it.  It's so cute too - his very first performance and all.  Bummer. 

If you happen to be a friend on facebook, then you can see all the videos there ;)  

Sophia's poem, "The Children's Hour"                        /               Therese playing "Minuet in G Minor", Bach

Therese* singing "I Whistle a Happy Tune" from The King and I / Sophia playing "Red River Flows Gently"

In addition, Therese recited an (long) excerpt from "Paul Revere's Ride" - and did wonderfully! 

*Apologies for the blurriness in this video.  I used my SLR camera and you can't zoom in/out or focus once recording has begun.  Again, bummer.  

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