Monday, March 31, 2008


[think "Seinfeld" with the title]

Well, I've had a few promptings from some...folks [Megan, Laura, my brother Chris and my dear husband...just to name a few] that I'm not blogging quickly enough after my break - well, HA. Here it is: my first post - post-Lent!!

You're going to feel awfully guilty about making me blog this late at night. And if you don' should. It's almost 12:30am. My children's teacher is going to be not so chipper in the morning!

So much happened during Lent. So I'll begin with the beginning...literally.

Paul and I went to Adoration at 12am Tuesday night [really Ash Wednesday - following?] and when we got home Paul yells to me [i was in the bathroom] that the cat, Pepi, had gotten the hamsters. Such is the life in our house. Can we have a smooth running household!?? The lid was off their cage and they were not in there. Pepi was seen fleeing from the room...that's what prompted Paul to check on them in the first place. So how did our Lent start? Not with ashes on the forehead. Staying up for another hour searching for 2 little mice...I mean hamsters [this is when i wish i knew how to do that strikeout thing on the words!!]. I'm so glad that the guy who has the hour after us showed up [sarcasm] - wouldn't want to have to stay for another hour :O)
And yes, we found one of 'em - behind the piano. The other one - the instigator - I found the next night in the laundry room trash bin! He was so cute! [i was just estatic that i didn't have dead animals in my house...oh, yeah...and that i wouldnt have to tell my dear daughters that their things were dead!]

We had to separate the 2 hamsters. They were just fighting so much. The "Instigator" had his face bitten open by the "Aggressor". So they are now side by side in their own cages. Phew!

Another YAY moment: Charlie started walking!! The first week of Lent and he was off!! He's really good now. He's also starting to get vocal. Like when Joseph takes something from him - he'll scream now. And 'round and 'round it goes... :::sigh:::

Joseph turned 3 and he's now in PottyTraining1o1. Not the most stellar student, but he'll come around. I'm thinking of hiring a tutor. [Can't say as I've ever had a child poop on the floor before. But if anyone of 'em was destined's him]

My dear brother Chris got married on March 8th - in Houston. Nina was such a beautiful bride and Chris was beaming! We had such a wonderful time and are so glad we got to share that blessed day with them.

I know that there are more updates, but it's really late and I've got to get to sleep.

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday.


Danette said...

Glad you're back! I enjoyed your post. :) Can't wait to hear more!

Karrot's Blog said...

Yeahhhhh!! You are back! Can't wait to hear more!

Regina said...

for the strikethrough—when writing a post you should automatically be in compose (little tab above right of where you type) to the left of that there is an 'edit html' tab, click on that then to the left of the word you want to strikethrough type [greater than sign]strike{less than sign} and to the right of it type [greater than sign]/strike[less than sign] then keep typing as normal.
only use the symbols < and > and don't type the [brackets] BUT DO type the backslash in the second strike
hope that makes sense :)

Shelly said...

you wanna hear more - come on over and wipe up the poop on my floor. Just kidding!! I already did that :O)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...


Anonymous said...

Blessed easter to you too!

Shelly said...

Laura: she's my sister. she's used to it! [plus, i think your dh is KING of the POOP talk!!!]

And i must admit i laughed at Jackie's post after all the poop talk!! Too funny!

Megan said...

Whoops, I clicked on the wrong comment link! I wondered why it said "Lenten Cross" on top.

Pregnancy Brain, my excuse for everything these days!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Oh no! I meant "nice" as in, it's nice to have you back! Heehee!

Sarah Faith said...

Hey Shelly, thanks for the thoughts and for stopping by! RYC, I am really amazed at Dave too. I think he maybe had a better Lent than he thought he did, hee hee. :-) I am still hanging in there! Feeling much better the past few days.

It's nice to have you posting again.

Therese said...

Great to see you back blogging Shelly. I love it when the babies start walking here.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Nice to have you back! When I was a child, our cat ate one of my beloved hamsters. I'm glad yours were okay.