Friday, April 4, 2008

From the Shoe ~

"The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe... Had So Many Children She Didn't Know What to Do"
John Paul - soon to be 5 in June [and very cute btw] - was with me while going to pick up Kayla today.

John Paul was telling me how he zipped his jacked up all by himself...

Me: Wow, John Paul, that is so cool. You are such a big boy. I can't believe you're almost five. You need to stop growing. You're making me feel old.

John Paul: [like he' s been waiting 4.5+ yrs for me to say these exact words] You are old.

After my hurt and disbelief at his words [:o)] he proceeded to tell me that I am old because I'm his mommy. Oh, that really helped - let me tell ya.

I concede. I am old. Logically, I believe this. Physically, I know this. In my dreams, I deny this!! LOL.

It's funny. The older you get the older the age becomes that is old in your mind [having just reread that, it didn't come out the way I wanted it to...but you know what I mean]. Like 80? That is sooo young to me now! I'm exaggerating just a bit. All of you on the cusp of 40 know where my mind is on this. Denial.

Thanks, John Paul. You made me realize how young I really am today! *But* being this old with this many young ones truly makes me feel young at times! I hope to gain more insight from these youngsters in the future.


Karrot's Blog said...

Brutal honesty... don't you love it! Kind of like Dani's, "You look like a clown!" statement so many years ago!

It hurts to have young ones around! Haahhahahaaa!
I love your kids.

Shelly said...

i thought Kayla said that. b/c that was eons ago. at any rate, yeah, they'll tell it like it is :O)

Sarah Faith said...

Ha ha. I don't feel old either. My husband keeps insisting that we are, in fact, grownups (we're the same age). I refuse to admit it. :-) We'll both be turning 30 this year. But I guess when I was 15, 30 seemed ancient.

Shelly said...

oh! please! 30?!

My mom told me how her 30's were such an exciting time - in my 20's i couldn't understand that. But she was totally right! Now that I'll be turning...ahem...40 [gulp] this Aug. [dh, too] - looking back, that's where we really *settled*.

So are you still "with child"? Praying for a speedy delivery! Keep us posted :o)

Megan said...

40!! I thought you were only 2 years older than me. I hate to see what they put on your paperwork when you're pregnant! ;o) Oh the fun we are gonna have with you and Paul this summer!

Shelly said...

Okay, Megan...this is a place for *nice* comments - only! :O)

And you just keep thinkin' i'm only 2 yrs older!

And remember: Be Nice! In 2yrs you'll be "over the hill" hahahahaha!!

PaulaB52 said...

I tell my kids all the time to stop growing! I can't believe my oldest is almost 10!

GrandmaK said...

I have decided that "old" is a frame of mind that I will not concede to. My oldest daughter's oldest daughter will be a freshman in high school next year. My definition of old is: A person who twice as old as they are today. So you see, you are not old yet. Cathy

Soutenus said...

Cathy, I love that!
I am 49 (in May) with an 8 year old. He is my youngest (so far, LOL) and he does keep me young and hoppin!
I am enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

Feeling quite a young 45!!

Regina said...

well, it is better to be 40 than the alternative!

Kelly said...

Shelly, first, I'm so happy you are back in blog land. ;)

Second, 40 isn't old any more, don't you know?!

Heck, I'm looking forward to 40 [I'm not quite 2 years behind you....]. Think of all the people that never lived to be 40? I'm having me a big old party. LOL!


Megan said...

Well, I was shocked your going to be 40! You certainly to look your age! Neither does Paul. (Although I'm married to a 37 gray haired man, so I don't know if this really means much coming from me!)

Megan said...

That should read, I was shocked YOU'RE going to be 40! You certainly DON'T look your age!

Scary to think that I homeschool! Hope the government doesn't read these comment sections. They'd force the boys into public school for sure!

Oh, and I'm married to a 37 year old man. (Just incase anyone thinks I'm trying to say I'm married to 37 men.)

Gosh, what was I drinking last night!?

Shelly said...

*OR* that he only has 37 gray hairs!!