Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Part II

After the race, we came home to get the 2 younger boys - we had to relieve Kayla who had to be at work at 10am.  Dani also had to take care of a couple dogs down the street before we continued our festivities.  Then we headed back to downtown for the parade.  We've never been in all the years we've been here.  It was so great!  I cannot say enough about the beautiful weather... an added blessing to the day!

It was still a very nice morning - but luckily for the kids, there was some free lemonade for the taking!

Gotta like that!
The "hair repair" - luckily Charlie can pull it off!!  LOL [but that's another post]
Homer from Home Depot
And then... partly through the parade, my camera battery died!  You have no idea how many great shots were lost because of it!  The inflatable Uncle Sam, the firetruck, the Blues Brothers....Whaaaaaa!  I was bumming :(  After the parade, we went to the town's square where there were tents set up for just about any and all local businesses.  There we were entertained by the local "Blues Brothers" band - and boy were they entertaining.  They were in the parade as well, driving their beater-of-a-squad car - which they drove onto the grassy area by the gazebo before said entertainment began.  Our kids thought we were a bit.... 'touched', but we had fun be-bopping to a few songs.  We only stayed for a few songs because of the rising temps, the cranky and hungry kids, and a sniffly coughy Charlie Horse.  Plus, I was hungry too and ready for some A/C.  Off to the local burger joint on foot to where Kayla was busy earning her dough! 
When we got home I was able to catch a few zzzzz's [even with Mom and Dad over - sorry for abandoning you two!  :) ]  before dinner and fireworks.
Onto our fireworks that evening...
not a lot of photos, but a few.
Hope y'all had a wonderful and happy 4th of July!!!


Sara said...

Sounds like a fun, exhausting day! It's nice to see so many pics of your beautiful kids!

Sarah said...

What great photos! So festive and fun!

regan said...

great red, white and blue pictures shelly. i especially love the last ones of your little guy.