Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm With Him!

Don't you agree that we need people in office who have a moral backbone? I mean a true honest-to-goodness-without-a-doubt CLEAR moral backbone. I do. I think most of us do. Even the 'sheeple' do - they just don't know it because they only follow. They don't inform themselves. They simply follow.

Alan Keyes has a very thought-provoking post here.

In my opinion [and let me say again: my opinion], Sarah Palin is way overrated. I didn't care for her as a running mate and I surely don't care about her resignation and future plans. Tough tooties the Left gave her a bunch of crap - it's their way, plain and simple. I mean, it can't really be that unbelievablely shocking the things they said about her, wrote about her or showed about her - can it?? It's just par for the course with the libs, ya know? I don't have ill feelings toward her or about her... it's just that in my book, she's not the conservative with a moral compass she's touted as being.

When you read his post it'll become clear: we need true soldiers! Leaders who know that our freedom and responsibility to govern comes from Our Creator!


Sarah said...

I think someone in the comments was really being dim-witted and thick. Alan was simply pointing out that Palin is clearly not a pro-life candidate. It is a big deal to those voters who ARE. People today have lost sight of the meaning of words. People clearly do not know the strict definition of words. Case in point, when I tell people we do not worship or pray to Mary . . . we honor her only. We do not and cannot adore her, as that is for Christ alone. We honor her. People don't get the meaning of words.

I liked that article. Thanks for sharing it.

Terry Morris said...

That person who was/is being "thick" and "dim-witted" is ... me, right?

I'm sorry you took offense to what I consider to be very non-offensive opinions about Sarah Palin, Sarah. Or, rather, about my wife's and my belief in complimentarianism as a ruling principle between spouses, and for society in general. My main beef is not with Sarah Palin, but with liberalism and the way it wriggles its way into virtually everything in our society, including conservatism. Infecting everything it touches and tending to its destruction.

Sarah Palin isn't qualified for the presidency, I'm quite sure of that. But it doesn't mean I don't think she's a decent person ... as people go.

But anyway, I've been happily married for 23 years. I have six children who are all homeschooled. Well, with the exception of one who has completed his education and lives outside the home now. As I mentioned in the Loyal to Liberty thread, my wife is (somewhat like Sarah Palin) one of these women who tend to draw people to herself; she's sweet, and personable, etc., and something of a "pitbull in lipstick" in her own right. Many times over the course of years people have attempted to drag her away from her first duty -- the family. And she has been tempted by these deceivers. That I have ever stepped in the way of that (and ever will so long as we have dependent children at home) is something I'm not ashamed of in the least.

Shelly said...

Terry, i agree with you as far as her being a decent person.
and i applaud you for your last line :)