Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Flowers' All Saints Party

St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Catherine of Siena

The girls reading their "Guess the Saint" clues...

These are our "Up in Heaven" Photos...

...aren't they divine?

Our wonderful Craft Mom (official title ::grin::) did the backdrop.  Actually I think she delegated - whether it was supervised or not, I do not know.  All I do know is that my dear daughters had white paint on them and loads (loads!!!!) of fun!  Thanks Michele!!

I am waiting on permission from the other mothers to post their daughter's pictures.  They are soooo adorable!!  (wait til you see St. Francis!!!)

Some Saint Games

The girls got in a single file line, oldest to youngest and a mom counted off each girl 1-4.  All the ones got on Team 1, the twos on Team 2 and so on.  So each team had an older girl (captain of the team) all the way down to the younger players.  They had to complete 5 tasks - each teamate assigned a task by the captain.

Sweep up the beans and dump into a wastebasket
Pick up the socks and put into a basket
Stack the dishes
Wash the window
The Captain had to bring back the basket of socks and the stacked dishes without dropping them.

When the team completed all the tasks they circled together to recite a Hail Mary (reflective of St. Bathildis's entrance into religious life in later years - after her duties were completed)

Pin the Rose on the Bouquet

Here the girls performed different virtues (charades style) while the other girls had to guess the virtue.

All you holy men and women, pray for us!


Therese said...

How Beautiful!

Sarah said...

Great costumes and photos! I really want to join/start a Little Flowers group for my girls. Every time I see a post about LF, I want to do this that much more!

Jessica said...

They look so beautiful!!

momto5minnies said...

WOW ... this looked like a really great time and FUN for the kids.

The pictures are just beautiful!