Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween

People usually crack up when I tell them, "My kids start thinking of next year's costumes for Halloween the night of the present Halloween." Seriously. 364 days-o-plannin'.

The downer part of this year's trick or treating was the cold and rain. But the great part (besides the kids being so doggone excited) was the spontaneous visit by some great fellow homeschooling friends. The only reason I mention the homeschooling part is because we were some of the last remaining beggers around (again, in the miserable cold and rain) - we were all joking how our children are Hearty Homeschoolers. "We're deprived of most everything. This is our one thing. We're not stopping 'til we've hit every house!"

So here are the results of much creativity on the girls' part mostly:

Baby New Year (Charlie - 2.5yo)

The Pirate-y Boy - "ARG" (Joseph 4.5yo)

The Mad-Hatter (Dani 13yo)

And of course, Dread Pirate Roberts (John Paul 6yo)

Dani put this whole costume together herself. She bought the shirt for John Paul. Paul, Kayla and I were the only ones who knew of the secret costume. The other sibs loved it when they saw him in costume.
The Pink Panther (Therese 9yo)

Annie Oakley (Sophia 8yo - in 11 days ::sigh::)

Therese had an iPod shuffle with little speakers plugged in [$7 @ Best Buy] which was playing the theme to The Pink Panther. Paul attached the speaker to a belt with cable wraps and then it was hidden under her sweatshirt. She had the walk down to a T. It was so awesome. I really wanted to take some video of her, but it was rainy out. And cold. Yuck.

Dani bought her coat, shirt, vest, teacup and hat at Goodwill (actually, the hat she got at a party store). Her pocketwatch was an old alarm clock we had and we made a chain out of paper clips.

And now, they begin planning who they'll be in 364 days....


Aussie Therese said...

You can tell that they took 364 days to plan these costumes since they are the best costumes I have seen.

Sara said...

Very nice! I love the Dread Pirate Roberts---he's my favorite.

Tracy @Magnolia Cul-de-Sac said...

What great costumes!

I saw another Dread Pirate Roberts. *sigh* love the I love the Man in Black.

Really your kiddos did a very creative job. The pink panther had her own theme music? So cool!

Therese said...

Love the costumes! My boys were already asking about costumes next year as well!

Elizabeth said...

My daughter and her best friend have already planned the next THREE YEARS of Halloween costumes!
This year they did most of the work themselves...Thank goodness...usually I am sewing into the wee hours of 10-30!
My little guy is watching the Pink Panther as I type!
I LOVE the Man in Black!!!

Christine said...

Those were the best costumes EVER!! You guys win an award from me.

The Mad Hatter was my favorite then the Pink Panther...oh heck I LOVE EM ALL!!!

so creative

Anonymous said...

Dani! You looked so cool!
Therese, that's awesome. I wish I could have seen your walk.
Love the costume, Fia. Perfect.
John Paul... there are no words. You looked great.
Joseph looked so handsome as a pirate.
And Charlie just looked as cute as Charlie always looks. =)

Love, Kayla

J &D's Family said...

Awesome pics!!!! You all do a great job with your costumes!!! -Dani, therese, John Paul, Sophia, Joseph and Charlie!! Don't get sick on your candy now!

momto5minnies said...

Pretty original. Love the silly expressions on Dani's face.

The Wades said...

What a creative, original, incredible family! I love 'em all. Speakers in a costume??! That's fantastic.