Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LF Christmas Party/Nursing Home Performance

Monday was the girls' Little Flowers Christmas Party. They had lots of goodies to eat, wonderful Christmas stories were read, musical chairs game played and precious time with great friends was shared - children and moms alike :)

Afterwards we went to the local nursing home where the girls sang Christmas carols, some performed on the piano & violin, and handed out stained glass Holy Family artwork to the residents which they had made at the previous LF meeting (I wish I had pictures of them but I don't :( - they were made with a black construction paper frame, contact paper, any picture, and lots of little pieces of various-colored tissue paper -- Oh wait! They got to keep one, so I can take a picture of those!! Yay :)

The residents' faces just lit up, as did the children's. The activities director told us how much they appreciated us being there - and even told one of the moms the thing that they really appreciated was how the girls were dressed up in their holiday attire. It was touching to see how something so simple could mean so much.

Seeing a gentleman kiss the back of Therese's hand really caught my attention. How lost is that little action in our culture? I thought it was a beautiful gesture and one I wish I could see more often. I suppose starting with my boys? Hmmm.... maybe.

The girls were very loving toward the elderly ladies and gentlemen. I noticed quite a difference in Therese's approach this year from last year's visit. She was so warm with them and even asked me if she could go back into the large entertaining room to visit with some who were just sitting alone. Some of our group were already leaving, and by this time Sophia had joined Therese in the large room. I soon had to motion to them that it was time.

We are planning to go back at Easter time. I know Therese will surely be looking forward to that!

Thank you all for a wonderful experience for our girls and for me too!


Sara said...

That sounds so wonderful! Our AHG troop is going to a nursing home on Thursday for the same thing.

Judie said...

That is just beautiful, Shelly! What a joy for everyone involved !!-and me too!!

God Bless All of you for your generous time and talent.