Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trimming the Tree ~ 2009

Had to add the one of Joseph having a breakdown - he wasn't allowed to handle the fragile ornaments :)

Love the teen's expression below... (if you could've heard the volume! - they were all screaming as they were making faces)

Our angel, Grace (named by Kayla when she was so little)... going atop the tree.

Hope you enjoyed!
~Have a blessed Advent season~


Sarah - Kala said...

Beautiful children, warm tree, and a lovely home. Blessed Advent!

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing all those pics!

OOOOH I want rock tile like that in my kitchen too! Very very nice.

Sara said...

The tree is so pretty---I love how you have the ribbon wrapped! Great pictures of the kids, too.

Amy Caroline said...

Your tree is lovely!! I have seen that face on my teen many times.... a day!!!

Emily Snow said...

Shelly, your children are beautiful! You have a beautiful and peaceful blog. Merry Christmas.