Monday, May 26, 2008

Fishing for Ideas

One of the homeschool families in our group is moving to Alaska in a few weeks and we're throwing a Farewell Party at my house for all the moms - our own MNO in honor of Wendy-the-Alaskan-Bound :o)

So we're trying to come up with some creative things to do as far as the party goes - decorations and such. I need your help. We'd like to use an Alaskan theme for the cake, but haven't thought of anything solid yet.

Please don't be shy all you creative bloggin' peeps - let me hear whatchya got! Let the comments flow!


Regina said...

for the cake you could bake it in a bowl and make an igloo. most ive seen though have marshmallows on the outside which totally grosses me out.
the state flower is the forget-me-not so you could make her a scrapbook, each mom contributing their own page with pics, details, etc of themselves and their family and contact info so she doesnt forget you.
oooh, you could even have that done at the party.
or you could make a cake that looks like the AK with yellow stars. just look for candied stars, that would be simple.
if you are doing dinner the state fish is king salmon so you could serve salmon of some sort.
the motto would be a perfect banner type thingy "North to the future"
hmmm, and somehow incorporate an eskimo and dog sledding. :)

Soutenus said...

Maybe have some dip that you call "mush" to help them become an expert "mushers"
Maybe a spiritual boququet to warm the heart -- since I am assuming they have coats, gloves, boots, thermal underwear, hats, scarves and the like to warm their bodies :-)
Maybe a map marked with a broad tipped marker showing the route between wherever you live and Alaska. Perhaps a message written next to it saying something like, "Remember you are as close as an email or phone call OR friendship knows no distance"

ps) thanks for the comment over at my place! You started my day with a smile!