Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Science Lesson in Evaporation

A few weeks ago the kids found some itty bitty tadpoles in "some water" - a puddle perhaps? They brought some home in a see-through plastic box. There were about 1o of them. Take note of the word were...

They were very cute. There was a rock in there ready for them for when they grew their legs. They seemed happy.

I'd periodically check on them out on the back deck. The kids would check on them too. But not as often as they should have...apparently.

The water evaporated. I told them they needed to fill it up with more water. I felt awful for those little guys! Just thinking about their last moments. Not a good thought.

At least we're not the only tadpole killers. There are more of us out there!

Therese - the optimist & animal lover - said, "Well, at least one of them might have lived. The one that went down the sink." I told her that all pipes lead to the ocean!


Danette said...

All pipes DO lead to the ocean, don't they?!!

Great to see your tadpole story...I know there are more of us out there. That's why frogs lay so darn many eggs!

I tried to fill our plastic tadpole box up with tap water, but the kids all told me that it HAD to be pond water, not tap water, or they'd die. Good thing they knew that or I'd have poisoned them apparently. I don't know where they learn this stuff from. Who's teaching these kids, anyway?

Regina said...

im calling peta

PaulaB52 said...

My son informed me his tadpole had learned to swim upsidedown. HAHA.

He was of course, kidding, he knew the thing had died. Good thing those frogs are plentiful.