Saturday, May 10, 2008

Save the Bottles!

Wow! Have you noticed all the "Save the Earth!" Earth Day stuff in the stores lately? I usually just pass it up with a "yeah, yeah, yeah" attitude. But...

...while at Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago, I saw some Coke t-shirts - so I got Dani one [you'll remember it in the photos below :o)]. She needed a real comfy shirt and that one sure is. It's that nice light-weight soft material. Well...

...tonight I went to the big "W" to buy snacks for the girls' softball team. I ended up with more, but you know how that is. So - I was by the same Coke shirt display and I decided to get Dani another one and get Kayla one too. I got those from the women's side. Well, on the other side of the display were the children's designs - at least I thought they were kids' sizes - as I looked through them, I realized they were still women's sizes. And I found a "Pro-Life" shirt. At least it was for me. There's a picture of a whale saying "Save the Humans". I was SO excited. I got 3. One for me, one for Dani, and one for Kayla.

As I looked at the inside tag it was speaking to Earth Day stuff. So then I started thinking what was really intended with the message. I knew it wasn't what my first thought was.

So, I got creative.
It went from this:

to this:

I'd really like to get some fabric paint to make it more permanent. I just used a Sharpie. I plan on altering the girls' shirts too.

And, get this, I was reading the inside of the Coke shirts - they have some pretty wordy messages :o) - and they're made partly from plastic Coke bottles! Who knew?! It states something to the effect of "this shirt has approx. 3 20oz plastic Coke bottles in it". You'd never know by feeling them! Pretty cool, even if it's all Earth Day-ey!


Regina said...

LOVE it.

Danette said...

Way cool Shelly! You go girl!

And don't keep me in suspense...Let me know when you find out!