Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Sophia's first top-front tooth finally came out last night at a Mexican restaurant. We went to the vigil Mass last night and 5 minutes into Mass she came clamoring over to me from the other end of the pew - quite in distress! - "My tooth is coming out!" Let me tell you, she wasn't exactly quiet about it [right Kayla?!] :o) She just kept talking loudly - kind of a controlled freaking out, if that makes sense. I had to keep telling her to keep it down... we were at Mass after all. So I made a little tissue pocket for her that she held under her mouth the entire Mass.

For whatever the reason, Sophia just doesn't like the idea of her teeth falling out. I think she's got some fear that she's going to swallow it or something. On the other hand - she loves the reward!

I'm very thankful that it didn't fall out during Mass - so as not to involve everyone with the dramatics! I even envisioned Father stopping Mass to help the screaming flailing child who had... just lost a tooth! And I'm thankful that when it did fall out during dinner she happily informed me, "My tooth came out." And we put it in her tissue pocket and put it in her skirt pocket. She turned out to be a real trooper about it! Praise God!

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Karrot's Blog said...

What a BIG girl! WOW!
She really does want her front tooth for Christmas!!!!!!!