Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mike Wazowski

That's who our 5yo - John Paul - is all about. EVERYTHING is Mike Wazowski. He says something referring to Wazowski at least 5 times a day. So it's hard to remember all the things that he does. But some of them have been quite hilarious and quite creative!

He puts on his shirt with one eye showing through the neck-hole, "I'm Mike Wazowski".

He sees a circle with a dot in the middle, "Hey, look, Mike Wazowski!".

He was eating cereal this morning and ate a hole out of the middle to the bottom of the bowl, "It's Mike Wazowski!"

He'll close one eye...

He'll put a googley eye on his forehead...

When we put our foreheads and noses together and do "one eye"...

He cracks us up!
And here's a little tid bit that we learned today: He makes cameo appearances in several other Pixar films such as Finding Nemo (while snorkelling), and Toy Story (as a toy). [is snorkeling really spelled with 2 L's? - I copied/pasted that sentence and had to add an 's' onto appearance and change 'fills' to films, so I'm betting that they misspelled snorkeling too!]. At any rate, we'll be watching Nemo and Toy Story at some point today!


+JMJ+ said...

He is sooooooo much cuter than Mike!

Regina said...

didnt know about the cameos...gonna be a wheres waldo game now
cute kiddie

Shelly said...

well - in Nemo, it's in the credits... [lame - that's not how wikipedia made it sound... you should've seen us watching! LOL] and he doesn't seem to be in Toy Story.