Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shoot Me!

When my 5 yo is reading to me - can you relate? - it's A-G-O-N-I-Z-I-N-G! Put me out of my misery already!!

Let me just back-up one quick moment and say that he really is a great little reader - pretty enthusiastic too. That's very nice. But when he's got a few new words that build up in to one story... ahhh... not so nice ;)

I'm having one of these for you too!



Sara said...

I find knitting or some other handcraft handy (lol!) to make me feel like I'm not totally wasting my time. I know it's not a waste to listen to our beautiful gifts read to us, but it can be agonizing. Folding laundry works, too. :)

Regina said...

i feel ya!! that is hilarious

Kayla said...

I say we string the boy up!