Wednesday, March 4, 2009


That's what my mind is. Blank. I think this little hedgehog has more to write about than I. Isn't he cute though? Kayla got him for me for Christmas - he sits on the back deck.... waiting for spring.

There is one little story I can think of - Travel Plans. Paul's travel, that is.

He had to go to Louisville this week.
He had a flight booked for Sunday evening - 8ish.
He received a call Saturday night.
The flight was canceled.
He called the airline and they booked another flight for him for Sunday evening - 6ish.
That's okay. An earlier flight.
Sunday brought snow to Atlanta - it wasn't a big deal.
Paul left the house around 4pm - as did I, to take Dani to play rehearsal.
When I came home there was a truck in the driveway.
Paul's truck.
Flight was canceled.
He had called the airline after hearing something on the radio about flights being canceled.
Good thing.
We're about 45mins. from the airport.
He called the airline to find out the deal.
They booked him for a Monday night flight - 8ish.
He left the house Monday around 5:30pm.
With the intention of flying to Louisville.
He called me at 7:30pm.
He must be waiting to board the plane.
I asked him how everything was.
He responded, "I'm driving to Louisville."
He didn't want to take the chance of ending up like these guys:


Sarah (JOT) said...

Boy, that picture gave me a good chuckle! I love that film. BTW, I think your husband was brilliant to play it safe.

Regina said...

YAY, a new post!!

why were all the flights being cancelled?

regan said...

i was wondering if you'd fallen off the earth!
my father is in kentucky as we speak.
i hope the weather isn't too bad for your hubby.
glad to see you are still around=)
what i really thought is that you'd left us for twitter!

The Wades said...

Poor guy! So how was his drive?

Shelly said...

the first flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues and the second one i suppose was weather - the one monday was delayed and would've been delayed in Chicago [layover] -- his drive was fine - he made it in good time. he'll be home tomorrow night :O)

i thought i had fallen off the face of the earth too, Regan! That last post was just staring me in the face and i felt blah.

Vicki said...

Poor Paul! Sure glad he didn't end up like those guys :)

Megan said...

This movie was on the other day. Of course I thought of you!