Saturday, March 14, 2009

Golden Birthday Wishes!

* Dani's birthday was yesterday, the 13th - I forgot to recognize it yesterday on the blog, so I'm a day late - and probably a dollar short!!

Happy 13th Birthday Dani Girl !!!!!
She had 2 Tom Sawyer perfomances yesterday. Her friends all came to the evening performance. I took only 3 extra girls with me - didn't think about the ride home! You should've seen 4 carseats shoved here and there and the back jam-packed w/all the girls' sleep-over gear! At least they had episodes of Land of the Lost to watch on the way home :)
Here is Dani as Amy Lawrence in the play.

What a blessing you are to our family! We love you Danielle :) Enjoy 13!


Paula in MN said...


Megan said...

Well, that one completely snuck up on me! I can't believe she's a teenager.

A big belated Happy, Happy Birthday from the Basesloaded Clan!

Aussie Therese said...

Happy Birthday Dani. I hope it was a fun day.

regan said...

happy belated b-day to your girl. i love that bonnet. do you ever wonder where the time goes? i sure could use another BABY girl. my only girl will be ten this summer. she grew too fast. it looks like you have a bunch of little women on your hands-and little men too-no wonder why you have no time to sew shelly! maybe someday, though...for the grandbabies? i have a list for someday....

Regina said...

FUN! did you have a coke?

Happy birthday

The Wades said...

First, Dani--happy birthday. You're a beautiful girl!

LAND OF THE LOST??!! I loved that so much! What a treat seeing that song. On that video, was that the actual intro to the show or a joke for the video? If it was the real deal, amazing how utterly horrific the special effects were. And to think, I fell for it all hook, line, and sinker. Now I want to find episodes to show my kids. Good times. Thanks for rushing me back in time to the Saturday mornings of my youth. Loved Marhall, Will and Holly! :)