Monday, May 11, 2009

Nothing Much... and You?

Well - I don't really have anything to say.... hmmmm. Let's see...

I read this and was happy that these graduates have an alternate plan.

And then there's this news. I'm glad that they'll be coming back on Tues. and Fri. this week. Them are some true soldiers there! [funny... it just dawned on me how ironic all these news stories are with the main event happening in the month of May]
Our oldest daughter will be graduating on Saturday. More of that to follow! [time sure does fly by though]

I'm gearing up to bid farewell to one of my best friends. I'm not sure I'll be able to hold it together :::sniff sniff::: . God plants people in your life... and then they're off again to inspire and impact another state! All 5 of their children have been born in different states. Why mess with a good thing, right? Anyway we've already got big vacation plans with them! It's a friendship to cross over many miles all right. And you never know.... there may be some kin-ship between us down the road! :) Who said arranged marriages were a thing of the past! At least we'll LOVE dd's in-laws!!

Oh and thanks to Elaine I went ahead and added my scrolled signature to my posts. Purdy neat.

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Christine said...

That is pretty neat signature ya think you could teach me???