Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles!

Okay - that's it! No more Thin Mints in this house!

I've been on the fence in my mind about buying GS cookies for the last few years - having heard how liberal they've become (the organization, not the cookies). That article seals the deal for me! Sometimes when we boycott some company it is extremely difficult to do so.... this time I'm jumping for joy [it always pains me to whip out almost $4 for a pkg of about 10 cookies].

This is definitely not your grandma's Girl Scout troop -- nor ours!


Sara said...

I took KT out of GS when I read the Junior Handbook which talked about teen pregnancy and abortion. She was in, what, 4th grade???? I stopped buying the cookies a few years ago. That's a good idea from a health and financial perspective, too!

I'm proud to be a part of our American Heritage Girls troop at our parish, but we're having trouble growing. Too many other faithful Catholics have their girls in GSA because it's "at their school and with their friends!"

Regina said...

disgusting!! i never buy the cookies but my mom does because my niece (her granddaughter) is in GS. ugh

Elizabeth said...

My girls have never been in GSA.
Thank God. We do Little Flowers...
I have been avioding Girl Scout cookies for a while.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

HA! I was anti-GS before anti-GS was cool...check it:


Oh yeah, that's me, really hip and with it.

Do people say "hip" anymore?

Sarah said...

Well, the price for the cookies were getting too high for my budget . . . this just makes it easier to say "NO" when they come knocking. Thanks for getting the word out there. Meanwhile, the Boys Scouts of America is still holding out against all the pro-agendas . . . I pray they keep fighting the leftists and stay the way they were founded. I have two Boy Scouts . . . we will leave if it gets like the GS.

Chris said...

I don't do many boycotts, but I did start boycotting Girl Scout cookies maybe five years ago. It is *such* a sacrifice and every year I am tempted to go back.