Friday, August 14, 2009


This is a bittersweet week - lots of leaving going on 'round here ...

First, my sister left this morning. Hopefully, we'll be able to go out to LosAngeles in 3 yrs for her first vows. Other than that, she won't be home for 4 yrs. All for the glory of God, right? Right. But it's still very hard to see her off. And it's harder for me to see my children sad.

Secondly, our first baby bird leaves the nest tomorrow! I still can't believe it! She's local, but she'll be living on campus. Still, she won't be here. It'll definitely be strange - but it's exciting as well to see your first going off into the world. Praying that she holds fast to all those things you tried to teach her since she was yay high. Praying that she'll keep her Faith close to her heart to guard it from life's evils. Praying she finds great friends who'll keep her grounded. Praying that she'll ask us for help when she needs it. And praying that she... prays. It's so easy not to. Believe me, I know.

I love you, Kayla. And I'm sad. But, it's a happy-sad kind of sad :) Strange, I know, but true.

You have a beautiful soul!
Thirdly, Kayla's Bearded Dragon, Cicero, left today. Kayla can't take him, and frankly I didn't want him in the house anymore - so after much asking from the homeschool group and no takers, he went to a pet store today.
That leaves us.
Fourthly, we're leaving Sunday for the beach! Yay! We won't have Kayla with us, which is quite sad - I know her cousins will miss her being there, as well as us. And Karen won't be there. But we'll just have to make the best of it ;)
Today was a fantastic birthday for me! My children are just the best & my dh is awesome too. I'll have to post pictures of my treasures tomorrow.
I pray you have a great week everyone!
WHY OH WHY do i have such troubles with the spacing on part of my posts at times? As much as I go back to "edit" the spacing of these last few paragraphs, it doesn't take! Anyone else have these probs?


Regina said...

here's to change. i am sure kayla will do wonderfully, having been wonderfully raised!


Sara said...

Happy Birthday to you! I soooo understand the whole leaving thing. Hugs.

regan said...

and when you come to los angeles you will come and see me, right???

ps. very sorry about all that leaving business. i am not good at good-byes...happy belated birthday. have fun at the beach and be safe.

J &D's Family said...

Dearest Shelly,

Thanks for helping us with the good-bye's -the pictures are beautiful!!

Oh,!! Happy Birthday!!!! Soooooo wound up in getting ready for the vacation you're birthday slipped by!!!!!!!!! Shame on your parents'-actually ME!! We will celebrate on our vacation-if that's all right!
God Bless You on your BIRTHDAY!!!


Vicki said...

Hope y'all have having a fabulous time at the beach!!! I'm not looking forward to the day when my first birdie leaves the nest, so I can imagine the bittersweet feelings. Good thing she'll be nearby so she can come over and bring her laundry!

Christine said...

Wow..lots of changes in your family. Poor big lizard off to the pet store! Just kidding.

Enjoy the beach and I know your sweet girl will be ok.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

So many changes, Shelly! Happy birthday.

The Wades said...

I haven't met you or your beautiful daughter, but I have tears for you. What a huge step for you all. I hope it is full of all sorts of wonderful learning for her.

I think Regina said it best. :)

Hugs to you.