Monday, August 3, 2009

Sr. Sister

I have to tell you that it's been really great just hanging out with my sister.  Not that I expected anything different . It's just so neat to have her back, so to speak.  Paul calls her Sr. Margarita.  I'm not sure why.

Since Karen got here we've been working on sewing her nightgowns which she'll need as a postulant.  She has to have 4.  She has one that was given to her at the convent - a hand-me-down of sorts. That leaves three nightgowns.  Karen had this insane great idea to have us actually make them instead of her buying them.  She calls it bonding.  I call it I don't really know how to sew + you don't really know how to sew - what the hell, it's for you - you're in a convent - and no one will see you in it.  So, we've been.... bonding.
The first gown was "how you say"... too tight?  LOL  It's now Dani's.  [I have a picture of her in it somewhere.  It's in PC Limbo].  And, I might add, the only reason it was a tad on the small side is because it's a jersey fabric.  It's got some stretch to it.  So we have the second one almost done.  Which, in the grand scheme of things, is really only the first of three gowns.  So I will definitely have a great update post on that! 
Happy Monday!!!


Sara said...

What a nice project to work on! Have fun with her while she's here.

Regina said...

how fun. cant wait to see the gown. tell sr. margarita thanks for having the courage to follow her vocation!

regan said...

how very sweet and special.
this post had me laughing and crying and i don't know if that darn song helps matters...
i'll remember your dear sis in my prayers. may God bless her as she gives her life to HIM!

The Wades said...

That last picture is wonderful! Good luck to your sister.