Saturday, March 6, 2010


Besides softball and baseball season on the horizon (practices have been in full swing for weeks), there's been a lot of this going on 'round here...
and the boys love playing with all the taken pieces!


Regan said...

i wish i was smart enough to play chess...they say it is good for the noggin.
your girl looks deep in thought...
so cute.

is that an old door turned coffee table i see?
'cause if it is i am gonna love you more than i already do.
that is just my style!
my dad made us a headboard out of an old door once. but the door knob was really getting on my hubby's nerves. he swore my dad put it there on purpose. and so i had to bid it adieu!

Christine said...

Last time I played my DH I lost. I have not played since. I am a very sore loser. Need to work on that.

Shelly said...

oh, christine, really? et tu? my husband wouldn't know the first thing about playing a "sore loser" LOL!! hahahahahaaaaaa! (right honey? :)

and btw, i had to use the word verif b/c of all the dang SPAM i was getting!