Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shedding Some Light (and Warmth!)

FINALLY!  We've had 2 unbelievably gorgeous WARM days.  Back to back.  Monday and Tuesday.  And even though it just happened  -  I can't believe it!  I can barely remember what it's like to feel warm!

So in order to take it all in and rejoice in the new found warmth we took the classroom outside!  Is that not so cool?!  I was getting really excited.  Nice blankets/parachutes spread out on the front dried-out, dead bermuda grass that gets all over everything, but mostly the dog, who brings it inside just to get all over the house all over the hardwood floors where it looks as though you havent vacuumed in weeks, but in reality you just DID!! ::sigh::, ahem... lawn.  Like I said, I was really getting excited.  That sun was beckoning us like it never has!

I don't know what it is about my boys, but they have this flashlight fetish!  What is that all about?  They go into a flashlight freakout frenzy if  a) some sibling has a flashlight and he they don't   b) there's only one working flashlight or none at all  c) there are no batteries or  d) similar to 'a', but it's a neighbor kid whose got the flashlight and boy wants a flashlight, but because of  'b' or  'c'  is unable to aquire a working flashlight. 
Why Charlie has this flashlight is beyond me. It's daytime and a pretty bright one at that (did I mention it was warm?).  I'm sure it's a badge of honor of some sort.  Actually it was probably to tick Joseph off.  That's our only working flashlight presently :)
 I had to pry it from his little hand before he clubbed someone (me) over the head with it!

I have to include the comedy of the outdoor school a bit.  There was whining by Charlie who couldn't mark in Dani's notebook.  There was Sophia complaining and having issues over a buzzing wasp/crawling spider. There was Joseph who was sent to his room for not behaving :(  The sun was too bright for Therese's eyes, so she opted to read in the shade.  And Dani left to go read by herself somewhere.  I think I was the only one in the front yard for a good bit!  LOL

Oh Well!  I surely enjoyed my sun shiny day!
Hope it was sunny where you are!!


Dawn said...

It was absolutely beautiful wasn't it! I know rain is coming..but I am so hopeful that spring follows. That religion book looks awfully familiar..do you use Seton?

Sara said...

It was gorgeous, wasn't it? Sunshine is so good for the melancholic soul! I noticed that in this brief period of warmth the trees have buds on them! I'm soooo excited!

Shelly said...

LOL, yes Sara! Oh so good!!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I love Charlie with his flashlight and red sweatpants! He is John's twin! John cannot get enough of flashlights and, even though we've hidden them, he's always asking for them and I usually get one down for him because it's so sweet. And the only pants he wants to wear these days are his red sweatpants, so I let him wear them around the house most days. Such cute boys!