Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Cookin'?

What do you plan on cooking this St. Patty's Day? 

Instead of the corned beef that I've made in the past, we're just going to do Reuben Sandwiches and Colcannon.  I really like these reubens - the deli meat is so much better than the stringy fatty corned beef you find at restaurants - although more authentic, they don't make a very appetizing meal.  At least not around here.  Paul pretty much requested these, and that's saying something... he never requests anything!  Anyway, it's got to be a very quick meal because we've got lots of "activites" on Wednesday nights - it's got to be something not only easy but doable after school, before 4:45 AND Irish!   I may have to thrown in either green milk or maybe green milkshakes :)

Tonight I made this and boy, was it goooooood :)   Love making something different!

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