Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Saints Party -

I was so impressed with how well these kids stood there while we took pictures. I'm so serious when I say that they didn't budge or speak. We were all done shooting. And they stood there. We walked away. And they stood there. We had to tell them to get down. Amazing! I yelled out to my kids: Why can't you do this at home!
There's Joseph as St. Francis, above. I had to tell Fia to hold onto his shoulders so he wouldn't fall or jump off the stage! You can see all my kids with the exception of the Charliebee! Yeah, he was St. Francis' bumblebee! Danielle is St. Bernadette waaaay in the back [the tall one!].
The kids picked out their costumes about an hour before we had to go. No kidding. No individual pictures were taken...just the group shots. I'm just proud of myself for bringing my camera! Amazing what this blog does for that :O)
In the last shot, they're doing a procession of saints to the song "When the Saints Go Marchin' In" - the only one looking at the camera isn't Therese, although she does look like her a bit :O) She's a friend of Therese's. One day a couple weeks ago, while we were at Friday Park Day, Therese and her friend had their hair pulled back the same way [practically the same color] and had on the exact same color clothing. They totally could've passed for sisters.
Therese is in the light purple [St. Lucy - with a baggie filled with a couple eyeballs] - John Paul is in the forefront [who else, give a kid a sword, and you've got yourself a St. Michael!] - Sophia's in the navy/burgundy costume [St. Rose of Lima].


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Charlie was St. Francis' bee! That is precious!