Friday, November 9, 2007

Keys to the Beast!

When we were about to leave the park today - on our way to go pick up dd#1 - I reached in my pocket and to my surprise my keys weren't there!

It's a wordy story in my mind, so I'll try and put the quick version here.

Walking quickly up to the parking lot [up, since the playground is called "The Valley" - uphill to the parking lot] I thought for sure they were left on the rear bumper [where i placed them while getting the stroller out]. They were not there. They were not in the beast either. The beast was locked, but we have a password coded entry. It didn't dawn on me til a bit later that they couldn't be in there - because I lock it with the remote lock.

I had to call Paul - who was at one of his customer sites - to give him the news. He came to my rescue, but it took some time. He, first, had to go get Kayla, then go to the house to get the spare key. My friend, Celeste, stayed with me til almost 5pm! It was very sweet of her to sit and chat and keep me company while I tried to figure out the mystery of the keys!

Long story short. Paul arrived around 5:15. He got all of us in the beast and started to go back to his truck - I opened the door and yelled out, "Can I have the keys?". He just laughed saying how I would've just been left there again! He handed me the keys and I put the key in the ignition and when I turned it...nothin'. It was dead. I just grinned at Paul who had stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of a dead vehicle! It was just so comical! He said to me that I'd better have the cables in the back. I did. And we left.
The first thing I did when we got home was to post an email to the gals who were at the park with us. In the email I just told them that I had lost them and asked if they had found them in their things.
When Paul and I got home later on tonight, the first thing I did was check my emails - and I even said out loud, "Okay...who's got my keys." as I checked my mail. Well, my friend, Debbi, had responded that she did indeed find my keys in her cooler bag in the outside pocket. She also let me know that it wasn't she who had picked them up. I knew instantly...probably just like those of you reading this right now...only one name fit the crime. Joseph!
Wanna know what I learned at the park today?
That pesky in-your-face yellow jackets will not see another day when confidence and a shoe are involved!

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