Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Boy Bed!

We did it. We made the transition that I've been dreading for a long time now. We took out Joseph's [the 2yr old] crib last week and put him in the Big Boy Bed. He's sharing a room and bunk bed with John Paul, the 4yr old. And for obvious reasons Psycho Boy has the bottom bunk. It started out fine, but he's been taking more liberties over the course of the week. Which all in all is fine - it's mostly pulling clothes out of the drawers [well, okay, maybe that isn't so fine], climbing John Paul's ladder, putting every book, stuffed animal and blanket into his bed and then just playing around. It doesn't really bother me and it definitely doesn't bother his brother - who could sleep through an earthquake. What does get my head spinning is the screaming and the boredom kicks. This child is not what you would call quiet - by any stretch of the imagination. But, what's the saying?..."this too shall pass" - these are words I live by :O)
He is our sweetie pie!


Therese said...

When will Joseph be 3?

We have just moved Christopher into a bed when I got back from Adelaide with Tom. He does cry a bit when we put him down but he generaly stays in bed.

Shelly said...

he'll be 3 the end of Feb.