Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Divvying Up Creativeness -

How come when I do something like this......I feel like I've accomplished some great feat beyond normal motherhood...tapping into my creative side?

Then I see something like this and things I do don't look so amazing anymore. Where was I when God was divvyin' up the creativity ? I must've been in the food line :O)

The above is a toybox which we've had for a good 8 yrs or so - It was beyond worn. So I just grabbed some fabric at Hobby Lobby and did a quick recovery [pun intended :O) ]. It looks better than it did. Many thanks to Paul who took time away from his basement project to come to my aid - doing a little repair work and adding new hinges! And special thanks to Mom and Karen who helped in choosing fabric.

1 comment:

J &D's Family said...

I really do love the now cover!! It looks great!