Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh! Tannenbaum ~

Ahhh...yes! Keeping babies from the Christmas tree! I love it! :O)
On the evening of Charlie's birthday, we decorated our Christmas tree. The kids just love this tradition. Every year we get the kids new ornaments. We all have so much fun seeing all the ornaments as we pull them out of the tins [we use those big popcorn tins to store our ornaments...I think we're up to 5 popcorn containers!] - and after they're done decorating the tree, I run into our bedroom, bring out the new ones and hand them out; calling each one over by name and presenting them their ornament. They get so excited and I am equally excited...I love this little tradition.This is the girls' new ornament this year. Of course, the lighting and camera shot don't show it off very well.
Doesn't seem fair that the Birthday Boy is so sad and miserable at the close of decorating. Night night time!
UPDATE: This morning after Mass, Dani put Charlie down on the floor in the family room and I got some food for the boys. I casually asked where Charlie was...Dani said [voice getting louder as she spoke], "Um, he's playing with the tree!" she approached him - ornament in hand - he threw the glass snowman ornament [which happened to be Therese's] breaking his little leg - yes, normally snowmen don't have legs. This little guy has legs :O) I didn't hear the ornament hit the hardwood, I just heard Dani say, "No! Don't throw it!". Yes, we moved the breakable ones *just* a bit higher now, LOL!

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