Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let Me "Wow" You!

You Are a Hazelnut

You are very unique and distinct. You may even freak some people out.

Most people don't really know how to interact with you.

You get along best with anyone who is super sweet.

But you really do get along with almost anyone. You just need a chance to wow them.



Karrot's Blog said...

Well... duh! We are the same! Funny, huh?

ChrisP said...

Me too....pretty scarry.

btw, you should be more than satisfied now. I put up 2 blog entries tonight! So cool it over there -- It's not a party!

Regina said...

you get along best with super sweet people! then, how do you get along with me??

Megan said...

Yeah, you are a little on the freaky side, but you do get along with me so that must mean I'm super sweet! (Although I can't recall ever being called that in my entire life! I gotta try and pull compliments where I can get them!)