Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sticks and Stones -

AND dressers!

My poor little Joseph. He broke his arm Saturday morning. *But* we didn't find out until Monday morning!!! -------

Paul was getting ready to take John Paul and Joseph to the "Man Store" [aka, Home Depot] Saturday morning. John Paul exclaimed to Joseph that they were going - so Joseph excitedly climbed the dresser for some socks.

We just heard a crash and a scream.

Paul took him to the local Doc-in-a-Box where they took x-rays and told him it was not broken - that it was just bruised. Paul called me and told me the good news. I was so relieved! Until Monday morning.

A call from a doctor at the local Doc-in-a-Box prompted us [Paul] to take him back in. The doctor - after reviewing the x-rays - said it looked like he did indeed have a fracture.

In the meantime, I had to take Dani up for her first day of testing. I called Paul and he told me that it was broken after all.

Imagine how awful I felt after he had to walk, run, jump around with a broken arm all weekend. He was in so much pain! When the doctor called to see how he was doing I just told him how he was still in so much pain. He couldn't even rub his hands together while washing them.

I'm going to try to post the x-ray on here, but just wait 'til you see it! Any layperson 5+, could identify the break. I couldn't believe, especially after seeing it, that they had missed that the first time around.

Anyway...he got his cast on this morning. He sure is a trooper, according to Paul, about all this medical care! They didn't need to set it. I'll take a picture of him and post it as soon as he wakes up from his nap.

Some moms from the homeschool group gave me a warning of informing him of the "removing of the cast" so he won't freak out when they bring this SAW out to use on his arm. I told Paul this morning that "they don't know Joseph". Even if we didn't tell him anything, he'd LOVE the fact that something dangerous was in his vicinity. LOL - he really would!


Paula in MN said...

ABSOLUTELY keep all your records and documentation of this incident. You may need it in the future. Poor little guy - I'm praying.

Regina said...

poor thing! at least it is getting taken care of now

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

AW! Poor baby! I hope he feels better. I can't wait to see his "war wound" on the xray!

Anonymous said...
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Josh said...

Glad they did catch it after all. That's why they have a radiologist review the 'rough reads'. I, too, would like to see it, and see just how easy it is to see. Sounds like you did the best you could under the circumstances, but poor kid!

PaulaB52 said...

When I broke my arm a few years ago, they initially told me it wasn't broken, sent me home with it wrapped. The next night at like 11:45pm, the doctor from the ER called and told me it was broken afterall. Whatever.

Poor guy, I hope he's doing ok.

Shelly said...

Well, Paula, at least they *wrapped* it when they told you it wasn't broken. There was zilch for my guy - my rambunctious on-the-go-just-turned-3yo! But thankfully, that is all behind us now - now he's on the mend. :o)

Reminds me - i still have to take a pix of him!