Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's All So Clear Now

Last month there was a request through the blogosphere to contact a hospital in WI to tell them NOT to perform 2nd trimester abortions. So I contacted them with a small request. I just received this this morning:

Thank you for your feedback.

Because we believe it’s important for those on all sides of this issue to have accurate information, we are attaching a fact sheet regarding the Madison Surgery Center plan. We hope it will clarify the facts and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you.

So then I opened up the email attachment - entitled FactSheet:

Pregnancy termination services at Madison Surgery Center
Fact Sheet

*the red italics are my thoughts

*The decision to terminate a pregnancy is an intensely personal one, permitted by the laws of Wisconsin and the United States government. -- there's that 'personal decision' line again ~

*The debate over whether second-trimester terminations are right or wrong is a societal discussion. The joint partners in Madison Surgery Center believe it is their responsibility to provide a full continuum of care in all medical areas – including the full range of legal services associated with women’s health, family planning and reproductive health care. -- reproductive health care? That sounds so... caring ~

*This is not a new service for the Madison area, nor are increases in the number of second trimester terminations anticipated -- then why offer them???! ~. What has changed is the location. These procedures have been available in Madison for many years by Dr. Dennis Christensen, who retired in December. The decision to continue offering these procedures at Madison Surgery Center assures continuity of access to this service in a patient-oriented environment.

*No state funding will be used to compensate physicians for performing second trimester terminations. Payment is solely through private, third-party coverage or self-pay -- $$$$ ~. The malpractice insurance of those physicians is through private, third-party coverage only, not via public funding.

*Second trimester terminations account for approximately 10 percent of all pregnancy terminations. Approximately 120-130 have been performed annually in Madison -- wow, let's all cheer!! ~.

*No physicians, residents, students or staff will be required to participate in any aspect of this procedure if it is against their personal beliefs -- well, for NOW~. Participation is strictly voluntary. -- that's what you say. What about the baby? Is he volunteering his life? ~

*There is no research of any sort associated with these procedures. Tissue from the procedures will be collected and disposed of in the same manner as tissues from other surgical procedures performed at Madison Surgery Center -- tissue? It's a baby. Even young children understand this - the most innocent of us all ~

*There is no financial incentive for the MSC to perform second trimester terminations -- HA! ~. These procedures are offered to ensure that the Madison-area community has safe access to a legal medical procedure -- 'medical' insinuates that someone is going to be helped... not killed~.

*Any patient requesting second trimester pregnancy termination health services must offer full consent, agree to a 24-hour waiting period, and will receive counseling services that offer alternatives to the procedure. -- oh, what a nice compassionate thing to do ~


Sarah (JOT) said...

*There is no research of any sort associated with these procedures. Tissue from the procedures will be collected and disposed of in the same manner as tissues from other surgical procedures performed at Madison Surgery Center

I don't get it. They aren't doing any studies but they're taking a tissue sample? For what reason????

This disgusts me - and makes the ache in my soul just hurt all the more. GOd have mercy on those babies and mothers.

+JMJ+ said...

Decieved by the Father of Lies, they probably believe their own rhetoric.

I got the same response from them, but I didn't open the document. The conspiracy theorist in my mind thought that they probably laced any attachement with a virus to kill the internet force of right-to-lifers...and now you know how paranoid I am!

regan said...

i have been really troubled with thoughts like this lately. most especially after reading and meditating on this:
"the Lord said, "what have thou done! Listen: thy brother's blood crieth out to me from the soil! Now therefore, cursed shalt thou be upon the earth......."
the meditating was on fratricide and my thoughts were:
if this killing of ones brother is so bad, what then of the mother who kills her OWN child? the best word they come up with is choice.
shame on them all.
the result of cain's act: prey to constant fear, unrest, he became hard-hearted and was impenitent.
how much worse is it for these women?
uh, mercy, yes.
may the GOOD Lord have mercy on us all.

The Wades said...

really sad stuff. :(

Melissa from MN said...

This just made me cringe. I cannot believe that they dispose of a baby as if it were any other tissue. I wish they'd show that tissue to it's mother!

Just a bunch of bland medical words to make their job sound important and legal.