Saturday, February 7, 2009

Seven Seven on the Seventh!

UPDATE: An explanation: I must say that when my parents came over today and I told my dad how many people commented on his day... we all had quite a laugh! BECAUSE - I never explained the "7, 7 on the 7th". It's a family joke and now it's going to be shared in the blogosphere. My dad will be the first to boast that he was 7 lbs. 7 oz. on the 7th of February. "7 7 on the 7th" he'd always say. Always. And just to add to that - Mom and Dad were married on... guess what... the 7th [October].
So with some of the comments saying things like: "He looks great!" "We had a 7 on the 7th!" It dawned on me that y'all must've thought he was 77!! We had a great laugh! "Wow, you look great Dad!!" "You look at least 10 yrs younger!" So... Thanks for the laughs :o) This concludes the explanation.
Oh, and one more thing - the bottom picture was taken almost 1.5yrs ago. Wow and just to think that Charlie wasn't even a year old then - not even walking. Seems like SO long ago. Sheesh!
Happy Birthday Dad!!

May God bless you today ~ throughout the year ~ and always! Thank you for all you did for me and still do for our family. What a blessing you are!

[insert Amazing Grace on bagpipes here :o) ]

My dad would blast that song on the stereo on Saturday mornings while I would be sleeping. I don't think it inspired me the way he hoped it would. Actually he just wanted me to get my butt out of bed and thought this was a funny way to do just that! Ya gotta love that creativity ;)


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

We had a "7 on the 7th" in our home today! =)

Jessica said...

Oh! I forgot to mention that I love that last picture of you with your parents!! You look great!!

+JMJ+ said...

May it be his luckiest year yet! :)

Is he thinking of playing the lottery?

Regina said...

he looks and sounds awesome!

regan said...

congrats shelly. what beautiful pictures of your father and parents and YOU! may God bless him with many, many more.
there were quite a few b-days yesterday in the blogosphere.
my baby turned 15 so the day was bittersweet for me.
well, God bless and happy sabbath.

Megan said...

Your dad is just the best! I hope he had a wonderful day!

PS-if he wins the lottery, can he buy our house?

motherhen68 said...

Happy birthday to your dad. Your youngest favors him!

As for playing Amazing Grace on Saturday mornings....oh my...I would have been HATING that. Though, it's got to be the VACUUM my mom would use on us!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I noticed this morning that you had 7 comments for this one! I'm going to ruin it and leave an 8th. He even looks great for 67 or 57 or however old he is! It must be his beautiful daughter and sweet grandkids that keep him looking young and full of life and happiness!