Friday, February 6, 2009


That's what this story is. I honestly can't understand what people are thinking. This is horrific... beyond words.

...and his points are simple TRUTH. A little rough, but true.

h/t: Sara


Regina said...

i saw this story on fox news and was, of course, horrified. i dont understand though why the mom is suing. she wanted the baby dead~she got a dead baby.

regan said...

oh shelly, i was not prepared for all those chubby beautiful little body parts when i clicked on your very, very sad.

PLD Consulting said...

According to the story, when the mother came face to face with he baby, she changed her mind. She was however incapacitated and was not able to do anything to help the baby. She also didn't have a phone in the room to call anybody.

This is another prime example by ultra-sound especially 3-D ultrasound is so important.

Christine said...

beautiful pictures(live babies)
sad story

The Wades said...

When I clicked there, the story was gone. From the looks of the comments, it was a sad one.