Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Up Up Up

"Hi! I'm Charlie. But you probably already knew that. I'm the cute one of the bunch. Dani is going to let me fly her kite. See?"

Oh, how I'm wishing it was last week. Those days when it hit 70 degrees settles it for me - I'm ready for spring.


Regina said...

super cute! what a great big sis

Paula in MN said...

No that looks fun. Much better than a SNOWSTORM. Yes, I'm in the middle of a snowstorm right now. Blech.

regan said...

what precious pictures.
my kids LOVE flying kites. now keeping them up, up, up is another story!

Christine said...

Oh...cannot wait for spring. We are big into kite flying. Love it!

Beautiful area you live in!

Rachel said...

Sara B. from Shower of Roses turned me onto your blog. I am a Catholic unschooler in Roswell.

momto5minnies said...

I'm ready for spring too. I know it's coming because my allergy eyes are starting to bug me ;)

HEY, did you design your blog layout? I really would love 3 columns.