Thursday, April 2, 2009

John Paul II ~ We Love You!

I can't believe that it's been 4 yrs since Pope John Paul died. It seems so long ago and just a short while ago. I remember that day and the days that followed so well. The whole world was just heartbroken! We mourned our father, the head of our family - the entire world. Wow - how amazing.

His life story is so unbelievable and inspiring at the same time. What a beautiful soul.... a beautiful man!

Erin Berghouse has great music. I saw her on Life on the Rock years ago and immediately purchased her CD. Just days after the Holy Father's death, Erin had a song which you could listen to online in its entirety. It brought me to tears then - missing Papa so - and still today. You can listen to a few seconds of it here - and also purchase a download of it for $2.

Pope John Paul was the first of many things such as the first...

Polish pope

pope to travel to many countries; including Iran and Cuba

to wear a wristwatch

to visit a synagogue

to gather the most numerous crowds in history

to speak the most languages

to canonize the most saints of any other pope

Dear Holy Father, John Paul II the Great, we miss you so. We ask for your prayers ~ especially for our country.


Christine said...

I also remember that day very well. That many years already??? Pope Benedict was elected Pope on my birthday...April 19th!!!

GratiaeUtDeus said...

Thank you for this beautiful post to honor a great man! John Paul II, We. Love. You. <3

The Wades said...

Those were some beautiful pictures of him.

Four years already? Wow.