Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Servile Work

Sophia: Mommy, would you like to have servants?

Me: [after little contemplation - and choosing the answer seeping with wisdom] No.

John Paul [the 5yo]: You do.

Me: I do? Have servants? Who?

John Paul: Us! ::big JP smile::

How observant are my little ones! He sure is right on!!

I remember telling my mom on many occasions, "The only reason you had kids is so that we would be your slaves." And she'd reply with a quick, "Yep." :)


regan said...

my hubby always says "that's why we had kids!"

but since i was an only child i was REALLY a servant......all the work fell on me!

Vicki said...

LOL! Andrew told me that I just sit around and read the paper and give all the chores to them. I say delegating is a chore!

Judie said...

Yeap!! They got it right!! That is so cute!!

acrocusinthevalley said...

That's not what they're for???

Katidids said...

Ou comment was "why do you think we had so many!"