Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Tears of "Our Lady"

~~~~UPDATE: Please go sign the Nobama @ Notre Dame petition HERE ~~~~
Wanna raze hell? There is a mission - Stop Obama at Notre Dame - and Terry explains it here. There is 5 minute video as you scroll down.

Who is Worse: Obama or Herod? You decide.

**Herod authorized the slaughter of roughly 30 little boys in one small village.

**By contrast, in the 2 months since Obama took office, he has authorized the slaughter of thousands, and perhaps millions.

- Obama overturned the “Mexico City Policy,” and ordered that your tax money pay for the murder of the innocent around the world. Forced abortion is China will be payed for – by you! – because of Obama.

- Obama ordered Frankenstein-like federal funding of Embryonic Stem cell research. Human beings will be created to be killed for the sake of “science.”

- Obama is in the middle of rescinding the “conscience clause” regulations. Where this is headed is clear: Catholic Hospitals will be required to dispense abortifacients; Catholic health care workers will be required to be Obama’s foot soldiers of death; like the soldiers under Herod’s authority, health care workers will become merchants of death; OBGYN students will be forced to learn how to kill babies.

- Obama has pledged to sign FOCA, which could undo the prolife gains we have made over the last 20 years; Obama wants open ended child-killing.

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Regina said...

he is absolutely disgusting!